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Business valuation, M&A



Leopold Jones is your partner when it comes to a business transaction. If you would like to sell it, we will market your company with an Info Memo and can advise you on potential selling price. If you have a target company, a branch or a business share to buy, we can provide you a complete check (Due Diligence) and calculate the added value to your business (Valuation).


We can involve lawyers who are familiar with corporate law rules and possible legal risks.  We have experience in due diligence of foreign companies as well.


Our services of mergers and acquisitions:


  • Information Memorandum about the company for sale

  • Due Diligence of target company (financial and legal aspects)

  • Due Diligence of business model

  • Valuation of entire company, a holding or a business share

  • Valuation of a branch of a company

  • Management consulting during transaction